Do you like the idea of traveling with a group of your family or friends, but find it a bit daunting to get it off the ground? Or maybe you’ve done it before but feel it could have gone better? You’re not alone! Asking around, we found the following common stressors people feel when they want to take on the responsibility of setting up a group vacation.

  • Planning can be stressful because there are a lot of “cooks in the kitchen” and unless you have someone taking the reins on all the planning decisions and responsibilities, it can be chaotic trying to get things done. It means a lot of time spent asking, “what do you want to do?” or “where do you want to stay?” then trying to compromise with all the differing opinions and figure out who is taking care of what. And, this means there’s a good chance you could miss opportunities to experience the best of what a destination has to offer by simply trying to create fair compromises.
  • If you DO have an organizer, that person will have a different experience because they will be worried about logistics, reservations, meeting times and “herding the cats” – they won’t have a totally relaxed time any way you slice it.
  • You have to worry about choosing accommodations that will work for everyone and be well-located in a destination you’ve likely never been to. This means a lot of hours clocked on internet research and sometimes, with disappointing results.
  • Because you don’t have partnerships in a destination with operators such as transportation providers, restaurants, boat trips, day tours, etc., you may wind up with an experience that doesn’t meet your expectations. Reviews are a great way to try to get to the best of the best, but even reviews can sometimes lead you astray. You don’t want to find yourself on a day-long excursion that is boring, not a match for the money or simply not worth your time.
  • Payments can get messy. There will most likely be scenarios where multiple people in the group will need to pay for something and split the cost and someone will wind up having to be both the accountant and the collector. Ever been to a restaurant in a group where you had to split the bill amongst cash and credit cards? Kind of a womp womp to the end of the night. And, sometimes people forget to pay you back, and nobody wants to ask their friends for money.
  • One of the biggest complaints about friends and family travel is simply getting it to happen at all. Unless you have that person “step up” as the planner and organizer, it tends to be a lot of talking about taking a trip but little follow through.

Enter…the Private Group Trip. A great way to have a fabulous group trip with no family fights, unfair responsibilities or disappointing plans, is to leave it to a professional tour group! At Rise & Rove, we can turn any one of our itineraries into a private trip for just your group and you can have the option of having a Trip Leader accompany you just like on a standard tour, or we can be more hands off and simply manage logistics for you then give you plenty of private time. 

Benefits to doing a Private Group Trip with Rise & Rove

  • You have a professional in charge of crafting the best itinerary for a destination. So, the guesswork is taken out of planning. We ensure you are doing the best activities that really highlight the must-do aspects of a destination. And, as a private group, you can usually customize so the activities are a fit for the personality of your group. If everyone wants to have a say in what the activities are, the Trip Leader can be the single point of contact for all that feedback and ensure the plan ticks all the boxes.
  • You are working with a professional that has local partnerships and experience in a destination so you will get the best of the best when it comes to the excursions and experiences you spend your precious time on. 
  • We secure nice accommodations that are well-located and rely on our relationships and customer feedback so there won’t be any disappointing surprises.
  • Nobody in the group has to worry about logistics. All the reservations will be made for you, transportation figured out, times set, details shared. Everyone in the group can simply relax and hang out and we’ll be in charge of making sure it all goes smoothly. 
  • Nobody in the group has to be the collector and money-sorter. We collect payments from all the individual group members and take this off your hands. If there are any follow-ups or non-payment issues, it’s on us to resolve those.
  • Because the itinerary is already complete, it’s far easier to show people the web page and say, want to do it? Then, pick the dates and add any customizations. When people are reacting to something that is already figured out and “on paper,” it’s far easier to make progress to the “yes” then when you’re sitting around the table throwing out ideas.

If you’re interested in learning more about a private group trip, keep reading! Or, Contact Us and we’ll chat about what you’re looking for. Future memories await…

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