At Rise & Rove, we’ve got big plans – from island hopping in Greece to glamping in the deserts of Morocco, and anything you can dream of in between. No matter where we are though, or which rad adventure we’re having, we gotta have our favorite beauty products! For Kori, who usually only travels with a carry-on (read: one quart-sized Ziploc for 3.4 oz or less toiletries) and wants to be able to bounce from the hiking trail to the beach to a night on the town without a lot of fuss, they have to be products that go on quickly, and go with everything! So, here are Kori’s picks for the best travel beauty products. Toss them right into your carry-on so looking gorgeous will always be on your itinerary, no matter your destination or activity!

An assortment of the best travel skincare products.

Best Travel Beauty Products: Skincare

Kori’s priorities on the go are a good cleanser, a superb sun-protecting serum and just a little moisture.

  • The Bioré Charcoal Bar – Kori packs this bar to save herself a liquid, and she really loves the squeaky clean she gets from the naturally pore purifying charcoal to help fight potential break outs.
  • Next up, daytime serum. Kori packs Skinceuticals C E Ferulic for natural sunblock to prevent new damage while she’s out in the wild, and antioxidants to repair the damage that’s already done (probably a lot from her pre-serum 20s). It’s a 1 oz bottle so it’s already carry-on size.
  • For daytime moisture and a little bonus sun protection, Paula’s Choice Super-Light Daily Wrinkle Defense. It’s a 2 oz tube so it’s another easy toss in for the carry-on. It moisturizes, it contains SPF 30 physical sunblock and Resveratrol for some anti-aging oomph. Best of all it mattifies with a sheer, natural tint that the brand says works for all skin types. For, Kori, the coverage and skin-evening color eliminates the need to pack a separate foundation.
  • Finally, a tube of CeraVe Eye Repair Cream for moisture. At home, it’s just an eye cream. But in travel, it becomes an easy space-saving all over moisturizer at night.
An assortment of the best travel makeup products.

Best Travel Beauty Products: Makeup

Here, it’s all about ease – a few basics that work with any outfit and aren’t too heavy or too time-consuming to apply.

  • A little concealer around the eyes. One of Kori’s favorite finds so far is True Match Super Blendable Concealer from L’Oreal Paris. It really is super blendable and covers the bags that come with chasing that lovely sunrise in a far-off land…
  • And how about adding a little drama to the eyes without the pressure of a perfect cat eye – Kori says yes, please! She loves the Sephora Collection Colorful Shadow & Liner crayon. There are a ton of colors to choose from and they’ve got a little sparkle in them for some extra flare flare, and it glides on super smoothly!
  • And of course, we’ve gotta have our brows, right ladies?! Kori splurges here and packs two products. First, a little Glossier Boy Brow brow gel to fill in and amp up the color. Then, Brow Food Clear Brow Enhancing Gel to really enhance them and pump up the volume!
  • Finally, a good lip gloss for a shimmery smile. Kori likes Revlon Super Lustrous The Gloss. It says on all day and isn’t too drying.
The best travel nail color is bright white, like the nail color on this woman's fingers, with her hands set against a bouquet of pink flowers.

Best Travel Beauty Products: Nail Color

The best color for easy, breezy upkeep while traveling is white. It goes with everything and it’s still bright enough to pop in your Insta pics, but chips don’t show nearly as much as they do with more vibrant colors like reds and pinks. Kori’s favorite pick for easy maintenance on the go is a twofer. She gets OPI in Alpine Snow for a bright, neon white with a layer of Sally Hansen’s Hard As Nails Xtremewear in Disco Ball on top when she goes in for her pre-trip mani/pedi and then packs the Disco Ball in her carry-on for quick fixes on the road.

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